In a study by the Indian researcher Aarti Shukla in 2017 we learnt that women empowerment is key to global development. Women around the world are acknowledging a self-governing point of view, whether they are living inside their home or working outside. They are progressively attaining resistance over their lives and voicing their own opinions with regards to their education, career, profession and lifestyle. Women are also starting to proclaim their financial independence, which has given them self-reliance to lead their own lives and construct their own identity.

It is difficult to estimate the extent of  tragedies facing Syrian women refugees who have been fronting diverse challenges due to the displacement triggered by the conflict in Syria. Nonetheless, every day they prove to be resolute women who have power to produce and to overcome obstacles,  in spite of the difficult conditions they are presently living in.

Amel also has a shop, MENNA, which is devoted to help socio-economically neglected women and their families sell their products. The shop also coordinates cooking, catering, training, and service provisions, and establishes an environment where beneficiaries are able to share their experience and knowledge after having received their proper training.  MENNA also offers vulnerable women in Lebanon a permanent vending point located at Amel’s Headquarters in Salim Salam street, where one can buy traditional Lebanese artisan goods as well as stylish accessories, rings, earrings and beautiful necklaces.

Here are a few Samples of what you can find at our MENNA shop:

– Sari Abdallah