Frequently Asked Questions

Amel Association International (Amel) is a Lebanese and non-sectarian NGO created in 1979. Amel works through 24 centers, 6 mobile medical units and 1 educational mobile unit since more than 35 years in the poorest regions of Lebanon, from Beirut and its South Suburbs to Mount Lebanon, Bekaa and South Lebanon. Amel is offering accessible services for all in following fields: medical, psychosocial, professional training, rural development, child protection and human rights promotion.

Amel supports humanitarian principles since its creation in 1979 and advocates for the dignity of all populations, without discrimination. Amel is a member of the Humanitarian Accountability Partnership (now called the CHS).

If you want to work or volunteer with Amel, you can send your cv to

Amel is funded by the contribution of the beneficiaries, private donations and institutional donors (humanitarian and development agencies, donors, international NGOs, etc.).

Amel has been created in Lebanon and is a Lebanese NGO. Since a decade, Amel is opening branches abroad to replicate its model in other countries. Consequently, Amel is registered and operational in Geneva, France and USA.

Amel works in the most vulnerable areas of Lebanon. The location of Amel’s interventions is based on needs assessment.

Amel was founded in 1979 by Dr. Kamel Mohanna and a team of activists, professors, doctors and journalists in response to the Israeli invasion of South Lebanon in 1978, which caused the massacre and displacement of the population and affected the infrastructure of the country.

On a monthly basis, Amel provides access to health to more than 10,000 individuals, access to education to more than 1500 individuals, access to vocational training to more than 1000 individuals, access to protection opportunities to more than 1000 individuals.

Amel has centers and mobile units in Lebanon and in the regions of Bekaa, South Lebanon, Beirut and Mount Lebanon.

Amel has 800 staff and volunteers.