Volunteer abroad

The first step to volunteer abroad with the Amel is to determine whether you meet the minimum requirements. If this is the case, register your profile in our Pool. Profiles from the Pool are then matched with assignments offered by Amel partners.

Volunteer in your country

Would you like to contribute to your own country and work with others like yourself who have a desire to accelerate your nation’s development ? As a national Volunteer serving with Amel Association International you will make a positive impact on your homeland.

Internship opportunities

Amel is constantly looking for interns to join our team. Interns joining Amel will have access to a wide range of resources in the fields of information management and research, and will acquire new skills and a better understanding of Lebanon, as well as an in depth knowledge of developmental, humanitarian and human rights notions, concepts and methodologies.

ELIGIBILITY Eligible candidates are welcome to send us their CVs with a letter of interest to: research@amel.org Please make sure to apply 2-3 months in advance, as we accept interns on a rolling basis We welcome applications from undergraduates or fresh graduates for full-time or part-time internships Internship periods range from 3 to 6 months. Candidates should be knowledgeable about Amel’s scope of work and mandate, and fluent in English, Arabic, or French.

TASKS The tasks will be determined according to the needs of Amel and based on the candidates’ profile, education and qualifications The selected interns may be required to perform both administrative as well as research tasks.

COMPENSATION and INSURANCE As Internships at Amel are still unfunded, we are unable to provide remuneration nor medical/social security/insurance. Upon availability of funds, interns may receive a per diem for their working days Interns will receive a letter of recommendation detailing their tasks and performance during their work at Amel.

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