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Amel Association International (Amel) was created in 1979, in Lebanon. Amel works through 30 centers, 6 mobile medical units, 2 mobile education units and 1 protection unit since more than 4 decades in the poorest regions of Lebanon, from Beirut and its South Suburbs to Mount Lebanon, Bekaa and South Lebanon. Amel is offering accessible services and programs for all in following fields: education, medical, psychosocial, professional training, rural development, child protection and human rights promotion.

Thanks to the devotion of thousands of volunteers, Amel’s humanitarian mission has had a local and worldwide impact.

Today, as we keep striving to ensure dignity and basic human rights for all, volunteers boost our impact and support us in carrying out our purpose.

If you believe in the dignity and rights of all people and want to join our volunteer team, please read the criteria and apply.

The Volunteer experience

Amel is open to everyone. There are initiatives and opportunities accessible for both novices and experienced humanitarian workers. So there’s no need to be concerned about going over your head. The same is true of volunteering at Amel. We provide assignments and responsibilities for both new and experienced volunteers. Furthermore, your involvement in humanitarian and social causes has no bearing on your prospects of becoming a volunteer. So, regardless of your background, education, or experience, you are welcome to join the volunteer team, as long as you believe in dignity and equality for all.

Volunteering can boost your self-esteem, self-confidence, and overall life fulfillment. You acquire a natural sense of achievement when you do good for others and the community. Your volunteer work can also provide you with a feeling of pride and identity. Furthermore, volunteering allows you to explore and experience different regions of Lebanon, meet new people, and develop a better understanding for social issues.

By signing up as a volunteer, you are telling us that you are ready to commit your time at Amel Association International for a period of time.

As a part of the team we expect you to:

  • Defend humanitarian values
  • Be considerate, respectful, helpful and collaborative
  • Keep a positive attitude
  • Review and abide by our Code of Conduct

To apply as a Volunteer you need to complete the application form; you can find it by clicking the Apply button

You will receive an acknowledgment of receipt of your application immediately (Check your spam folder if you can’t find it, the follow-up communications will go to the same place.)

Your application will be reviewed by the team as soon as possible

You will receive a response, whether selected or not, after this phase.

We will keep in touch with you by email to explain the next steps