Last Saturday, on April 14th,  Amel initiated the very first Ateliers des Jeunes Citoyens et Citoyennes de la Méditerannée  (AJCM) beach cleaning in Lebanon. With the help of a dozen volunteers from the youth committee in Haret Hareik, the shore of St Simon in the region of Ouzai was cleaned.

Every year on the same day, AJCM organizes a beach cleaning campaign involving young Mediterranean citizens all around the sea. They call for all various Mediterranean countries to act and protect the marine life by cleaning the shores.

AJCM is an initiative that is committed to raising awareness on environmental challenges and finding sustainable solutions to the current situation of the Mediterranean Sea. AJCM strongly believes that young people are the future and strives to make these events an opportunity for youth to learn new skills such as management, teamwork, intercultural communication, coordination.