Loïc Kervran, the French Member of Parliament and President of the friendship group France-Lebano, visited the Amel center in Ain El Remmaneh. He was accompanied by Ahmad Chamseddine, spokesman for the French political party En Marche. Together, they met beneficiares and Amel’s team, with Dr Kamel Mohanna.

The French MP discovered Amel’s education projects, more particularly about educational support classes for vulnerable children. The Lebanese educational system is overloaded since the increase of Syrian refugees influx. These activities are necessary to help children continue to access learning opportunities.

After the discussion with the teachers, Mr Kervran met the beneficiaries of the professional training program. These retrainings help women to develop manual skills (handcrafting, cooking, hairdressing) and cognitive (English and French classes, computer code), which would facilitate their access and integration to the job market.


To conclude, Dr Mohanna and Loïc Kervran had a conversation regarding refugees’ situation in Lebanon. The President highlighted the need for international programs for refugees, to deal with this crisis.