Friday, January 24, 2020

Support of Migrant Domestic Workers and Victims of Human Trafficking

In the Middle East, domestic work is rarely classified as labor under the law, thus violations of human rights of migrant domestic workers (MDWs) are recorded on a daily basis in the Arab world and Lebanon, in the absence of legal protection and control.

Women predominantly from Africa and Asia travel to Lebanon to work in private homes, without always having the necessary knowledge on their rights or on available support networks in their host countries. This continues to be a real, everyday issue that has caught the attention of the international community as well as local and non-governmental organizations in Lebanon.

In this context, as a response to the suppressed rights of these vulnerable migrant workers, AMEL established the program for “the support of Migrant Domestic Workers and Victims of Human Trafficking” in 2011 to alleviate exploitation, discrimination, violence and trafficking in order to empower this marginalized category of women.

Amel’s efforts to enhance the social and labour rights of MDWs in Lebanon focus on developing the relationship and understanding between employers and employees based on both of their rights and duties. Protection of MDWs rights is advocated for through advocacy, coordination, empowerment, awareness raising, group therapy, research, repatriation and provision of social, health and legal services. The program has so far succeeded to support thousands of beneficiaries from Ethiopia, Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka and others in collaboration with a number of key local and international partners.
Activities of this program are conducted in Beirut, Mount Lebanon, Bekaa, and south Lebanon, as well as on an international level in coordination with other Arab, Asian and European countries.

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