The Livelihood project in collaboration with DCA


Since September 2021, Amel has been implementing a project aiming to increase the employability of around 300 youths in BML and South Lebanon supported by DCA . In order to increase their job opportunities, participants attend vocational training in different sectors: home appliance maintenance, sewing, catering and food safety, and producing natural products (soaps, candles, etc.), in addition to the “introduction to business management” sessions. Youth participants also receive linguistic and IT training, life and soft skills, and PSS sessions. The curricula were developed after conducting a value chain assessment to identify key economic sectors where youths could find job opportunities and be enrolled in income generating schemes.

This project is implemented in Haret Hreik and Hay Al-Sellom community development centers (CDCs) and in the South region (Tyre, Bazouriyeh, and Khiam CDCs). 300 young men and women, from different backgrounds and nationalities, and aged between 16 to 29 years old are enrolled in the activities that will support their access to higher education (university) and to the labor market.

At the end of each cycle, and after an examination of the submitted proposals, three business initiatives are chosen based on specific criteria and are supported by entrepreneurs. The assistance includes a business and marketing plan workshop to help them launch their proposed business initiative, as well as financial assistance in the form of grants.