Amel were pleased to have Professor Adnan Hammad visit us in our Khiam center, in the south of Lebanon, as well as our Haret Hreik center in the suburbs of Beirut. We spent the day visiting the different areas in Khiam, such as the Amel’s center itself as well as the mobile medical unit in one of the informal tented settlements in the area. Later on we went to Ebl el Saki, an Amel cooperative that produces soap and then we visited old prison of Khiam and finally ended the journey in the south at the borders with Palestine.

On our way back to Beirut, we passed by our center in Haret Hreik were we saw all the various educational activities as well as the health department.

Professor Adnan was very content with the visit and said that he feels that the Amel team has a vocation in being part of Amel.

All in all, we were very happy with the visit and we hope that he will visit us again soon.