40 youth (Lebanese, Syrian, and Palestinian) will benefit from a coding course during 4 months, Graduates of this accelerated coding training program have the skills they need to start a career as a programmer/web Developer.

Students build technical skills, advance their creative problem solving abilities, and gain priceless professional experience and industry exposure.

Purpose of the Program
Throughout the Middle East highly motivated, ambitious, and talented students with solid STEM backgrounds are given an education out of step with market needs. Large number of graduates in the sciences and engineering hope to work for government agencies. But as government hiring has stagnated or declined, unemployment and underemployment have risen.
The World Bank has concluded that for university graduates throughout the Middle East, the employment situation is “very dire.” Especially with lagging oil and gas prices and a major shift in the global economy underway, now is the time to think about how to build a vibrant economy of the future. As technology expands to touch virtually every industry the demand has never been greater for talented developers and engineers.
Beyond career altering training for the individual, the economic and strategic impact of diversifying the economy, building a strong technical talent base, and fostering entrepreneurship, innovation and job creation cannot be understated.
Our accelerated coding program is meant for those interested in acquiring much needed skills in the labor market as well as for those interested in changing careers. Economically distressed, refugees, and disadvantaged socio-economic groups are especially vulnerable and in need of impactful assistance to transition into the local economy whether in their own or new home countries. We have the ability to help a group of people in particular need and give back in a meaningful way through immersive coding education.
This project is running by experts at Amel’s House for human rights and funded by NOVUS and V School.





“V School was born “in industry.” We grew from within Verisage (verisage.us), a world-class custom software development shop based in the United States. Like most tech companies Verisage was in a fierce battle to find the best talent and built out an intense onboarding and training program for new employees to make sure we hired and retained top talent.