Two festive graduation ceremonies took place in Amel’s centres in Mashgharah and Khiam. 150 beneficiaries from Mashghara and 45 from Khiam graduated from their courses in English, computer skills and nursing. The programmes were part of the ‘Education and Vocational Training for all’ project that is supported by the French embassy. The students proudly demonstrated their new skills with PowerPoint presentations, sketches in English and demonstrations of nursing techniques, followed by the distribution of graduation certificates. In Khiam, a dinner was held for the people of the town.

On 27 July at the Université La Sagesse, Amel and the Habitat International Coalition presented the Beirut Right to the City Charter during a launch event. The Charter outlines basic principles, needs and priorities of the Greater Beirut inhabitants so that they can fully enjoy their human rights and good local governance. The Charter was developed through consultations with different stakeholders in the Beirut community and calls for greater protection and integration of vulnerable groups and the elimination of inequality among the city’s inhabitants. The Beirut Right to the City Charter is open for all to endorse, comment and implement.