Amel Association International believes that the youth represents a lot of talents, ideas, energy, and innovation and should be the leaders of change within a society. Lebanese under 25 constitute more than half of the population and thereby offer both great opportunities and challenges for the country. Amel works to empower this part of the population across the country, as it believes that youth involvement provides the society with valuable insight and helps to build a prosperity. Amel thus aims at favoring strong, healthy and productive citizens in Lebanon.

Amel Association annual plan includes each year, a key focus on the empowerment of young people. In 2016, Amel organized different activities based on the initiatives implemented by youth volunteers, thus various activities took place during the past two years, such as youth exchanges, NGO fairs, environment-friendly activities, human rights campaigns, etc. Furthermore, volunteers have an enormous impact on health and well-being of communities worldwide. Without their help, many organizations would fail.

Amel is implementing a monthly awareness sessions, activities and focus groups with its center’s youth committees, on promoting volunteering concepts and initiatives, which is growing year by year and resulting from a magnificent effect on the centers and it’s neighborhoods.

This is why Amel strongly encourage the youth to take part in our volunteering activities. The youth in Lebanon from all communities has to be heard and Amel is convinced that they can make a huge difference.