Pierre Lacoste, pastor of the Protestant church in Beirut, accompanied by his wife Christine Lacoste and seven sponsors, members of the « Parrainage » project, visited the center of Haret Hreik. Amel Association International is very proud and thankful to work with Pierre and Christine Lacoste, in founding this child sponsoring project. This education project targets Syrian children, from 7 to 14 years old, living and going to school in the area surrounding the center. It mainly consists of support classes and homework help for children struggling in school, in addition to leisure activities and psychosocial support. The transportation, snacks and educational kits are provided to the children.

The visit in Haret Hreik was the occasion for some of the sponsors to meet the children they are helping and to see how everything was implemented. These members of civil society are essential to the education project, and through their donations, are offering hope and a new future to these Syrian children. The activities were able to start in October thanks to the fist donations and will continue for the next several months. Due to decreasing funds from NGOs invested in solving the Syrian crisis, the sponsors are more and more crucial, if we want to be able to keep helping these children.