Amel and its partner, HelpAge International, organized a focus group discussion with older people, accessing health and protection services, within the framework of a project funded by the Lebanon Humanitarian Fund. On that occasion, Syrian refugees and Lebanese older people expressed their satisfaction in relation to the activities implemented by Amel and its partner.

This discussion was an opportunity, for elderly, to share their needs and the difficulties they are facing in various sectors including food, water, and sanitation. They also particularly insisted on their harsh living conditions, during the winter season and the isolation they are facing.

Even though the situation of these vulnerable people is particularly difficult, the focus group discussion’s participants also highlighted the importance of the protection and medical services they are accessing through the Amel center located in Sour. These activities include peer support groups, capacity building, psycho-social support, adaptation of centers and materials for elderly, provision of drugs and health consultations, etc.


This visit was conducted within the framework of the project “Supporting older people in hard-to-reach areas of Bekaa and Sour” implemented by Amel Association International, in partnership with HelpAge International, with the financial support of the Lebanon Humanitarian Fund. This project aims at increasing meaningful access to age-appropriate services for older Syrian refugees and host communities members affected by the Syria Crisis. It plans to do so, by making services more accessible and responsive to the needs of Older People (OP) through a combination of physical adaptations, information campaigns, outreach services and community-based care for older men and women with restricted mobility. At the same time, it works to promote better protection services for vulnerable older Syrians and Lebanese in their communities by strengthening their engagement in the community and fostering peer-support networks to reduce psycho-social distress, isolation, and neglect.