Amel Association International was initially established to respond to the emergency situations faced by Lebanon during the civil war (1975-1990) and Israeli invasions. Through years of experience in the field, Amel has developed a global strategy and a participatory approach in order to favor social change.

Through appropriate medical equipment, a dedicated team and primary health centers, Amel provides a comprehensive medical emergency response. Moreover, the medical team has gained expertise in the field of psychosocial support.

For example, In 2006, during the Israeli war against Lebanon, Amel’s intervention was essential to people in 19 dangerous regions affected by the war around Lebanon, thus many International NGOs in additional to ministry of social affairs were following Amel’s plan after many failure interventions by many organizations, not only in primary health care sector but in social cohesion, food security, and psycho-social support.
Based on this experiences, Amel has put in place a specific emergency plan in collaboration with socio-economic researchers in order to respond quickly and efficiently to any urgency that might occur in the future.
In 2012, while the Syrian war begun, Amel team launched  it’s emergency response plan considering development approach that will be needed in the long term of the crisis based on the Lebanese and Iraqi experience, indeed Amel has the right calculations and it has provided till this moment more than over 1 million 6 hundred thousand services to the Syrian refugees in many sectors in addition to the support offered to Iraqi and Palestinian refugees.