Gender and Rural Development

Unfortunately, in a region as the middle east and “developing countries” women are still fighting for the simplest human rights, struggling under a strict – unfair traditional system, where the democratic – civil state is not accomplished yet, thus women empowerment and protection is still a major mission for local NGO’s, especially those fighting for a better society based on social justice and equal rights such as Amel Association.

Due to Amel Association International’s philosophy, women are key to engender social change as a mother, a wife, colleague, and citizen. Women empowerment is, therefore, essential to Amel. focusing on their potentials and rights, Amel believes that economic empowerment of women leads to social independence.
That is the reason why Amel frequently participates in national campaigns to advocate for women’s rights and implementing projects to address this cause, but in collaboration with men instead of choosing to fight them, because both men and women are needed equally to build a better world.

Amel’s gender program puts emphasis on rural and refugee women with the focus on socio-economic assistance. Amel training sessions and rehabilitation activities give the opportunity to rural women to enter the labor market, in order to give women needed tools that develop an approach that could accomplish the social recognition for her.

Moreover, Amel counts a substantial number of female volunteers and thus 80% of Amel’s team (800 Persons) are women!
Educating one man is educating one person while educating one woman is educating the whole family, and later the whole society.