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World Mental Health Day: A review

According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), 10-20% of children and adolescents worldwide suffer from mental health disorders. Often times imperceptible, these disorders are wide...

Amel’s Center in Ain el Remmaneh Organizes The Kids Festival !

At Amel we consider that theatrical education is very essential in the development and progress of the human culture. Therefore, and as part of...

Dr. Mohanna Welcomes European Delegates in the Memory of the...

In commemoration of the 36th year since the Sabra and Shatila massacre, 73 delegates from various countries in Europe and Asia, along with members...

Community Event for the Older People in the Area of Khiam

Amel Association International conducted a community event for older people in Dar Al Ahel, a house for older people, in the area of Khiam,...

Vocational training activities in Ain El Remmaneh Development Center

Video Credit:  Lauren Andres Brown

Giving Hope to School Dropout Children and Youth

Arabic, English, Math, Computer, and life skills. These are the courses that girls and boys (both Syrian and Lebanese) can attend at the Amel’s...

Amel giving Elderly hope for the upcoming by empowering them

In a study by the Algerian researcher Jouidah Ammira in 2015, we learned that the elderly population in Lebanon exceeds 10%! but at the...

Child Labor, Forced Marriage, Abuses: Amel Struggles For Children’s Rights

In the regions of Mount Lebanon and Bekaa, Amel Association International provides psychosocial support to children and young people in its centers and in...

Child Protection Project : Strengthening the Engagement of Families & Communities

The Child Protection project aimed at “Strengthening the engagement of children, families, and communities affected by the Syrian crisis in Lebanon in practices protecting...

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