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YLN: Giving hope to school dropout children and youth

Since the beginning of the Syrian Crisis in 2011, access to public education has posed particular challenges for Syrian children and youth living in the informal camps scattered throughout Lebanon. Thus, in 2012, Amel, within its emergency plan “Response to Syrian crisis” established several projects that improve access to education, in particular, though Non-Formal and protected education programs (homework support, remedial classes, accelerated learning programs), which are currently being implemented across Lebanon through a number of AMEL centers.

YLN is one of these new projects, which aims to support refugees and host community youth in accessing education. The project targets youth between 14-24 years old, who have dropped out of school for at least two years, or for those who have never been enrolled.
The curriculum provided includes life skills, computer, Arabic, English, & maths. A pre-test is conducted before to determine students’ levels accordingly. Levels are classified from Level 1 to 7. Each cycle is for 37 attending days (approximately around 2 months each cycle), and we will conduct two cycles from April till August.
The key activities are running every week from Monday till Friday, in three areas: Beqaa(Kamed El Loz and Mashghara), Mount Lebanon ( Hay El Sellom, Chiah, and HaretHreik), and South Tyre and Bazourieh). These activities, including educational events, awareness sessions, outdoor activities and community events, are so far been implemented in 7 Amel centers.
A technical vocational training will be conducted at the end of the two cycles, aimed at preparing and supporting beneficiaries engagement in labor market (for refugees above 18).
This project is implemented in partnership with ANERA Lebanon; funded by UNICEF and the governments of UK, Germany, and Netherlands.



1 April 2018 - 30 August 2018

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