Saturday, April 20, 2019

Mobile Education Units

“Access to public education is one of the biggest challenges for children living in informal camps and shelters that have been scattered throughout Lebanon since 2011. These children often face terrible living conditions and lots of them are prevented from accessing school due to transportation fees, child labor, or early marriages.
According to studies conducted by local organizations in cooperation with UNICEF, there are about 180,000 Lebanese children outside the school, ie, those who have not attended any educational system since birth, along with the presence of approximately 300,000 Syrian children suffering from the same problem.
As part of the response to the Syrian crises, Amel International has adapted its educational activities to the above-mentioned needs of Syrian and Lebanese children, based on the extensive experience of working in the field and remote camps, due to her previous experience in the field of mobile medical clinics. Amel conducted a comprehensive assessment of needs in the Khayyam-Marjayoun area, which decided to launch the MEU project
The MEU, also known as “The Amel Bus”, is a special vehicle equipped with educational and recreational materials (books, educational games, numeric tablets, etc) as well as a cabinet for psychological consultation, benches, tables and movie-projection equipment. The MEU operates directly in 5 Informal Settlements in the Khiam—Marjayoun area on a weekly basis, and provides vulnerable children with Retention support activities (homework support and remedial sessions) psychosocial activities (individual consultations, focus groups and awareness sessions for the parents), recreational and cultural activities (weekly movie projections in the ITS, outdoor activities, drawings, theatre, etc) thanks to our partnership with Les enfants de la Méditerranée.”


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