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In Ersal, Syrian Refugees Go for Sustainable Agriculture

Organic agriculture is kicking off in Informal tented settlements in Ersal, hosting around 70,000 Syrian refugees. On February 7, a group of 25 Lebanese...

The noncommunicable epidemic of the century: 629 million people will have...

On World Diabetes Day Amel Association International releases a Q&A fact sheet What is it? Diabetes is a chronic disease that occurs when the pancreas is...

Child Labor, Forced Marriage, Abuses: Amel Struggles For Children’s Rights

In the regions of Mount Lebanon and Bekaa, Amel Association International provides psychosocial support to children and young people in its centers and in...

Celebrating the World Population Day in our Ersal Center!

All around the world, the 11th of July is highlighted as the well-known World Population Day. On this occasion and as part of the...

Empowering Women and Youths in Lebanon Now!

Rami is very satisfied with the training he attended in El Ain Amel center over the last 18 months. He had to stop studying...

Child protection in Ersal

In Ersal community and Informal Tented Settlements, 600 Syrian and Lebanese children aged 6-16 participated in psycho-social support activities throughout 2017 within the Child...

A story from Ersal: how humanitarian work is changing people’s lives

We are the safety for those in fear, so there is no doubt for us from the moment we decide to dedicate our lives...

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