Along with the Jungleye, participatory photography association from France, Amel hosted a photography event in the beautiful space of Dar al Mussawir in Hamra. The photos were the result of hard and dedicated work by a team of Syrian children photographers in Bekaa and a Syrian women photographers in Bourj el Barajneh to document their lives and tell their stories through photograph. They attended a photography workshop in the camps, conducted by Jungleye Association and were then supported to take and produce photos which would portray the challenges they face in their day to day lives.

Within the Bekaa workshop, there was a particular focus on water, and its everyday importance, for work, for cooking, for cleaning, for showering, for drinking… The photos very much demonstrate this. Within the Bourj el Barajneh workshop, the all-female group of photographers focused on confinements of space, due to cultural, security, physical and socio-economic factors.

Around 70 members from civil society, newspapers, arts groups and student groups attended the opening. Among our guests were friends from the German Embassy, L’Institut Francais, ADRA, ILO and the Palestinian Women League. Furthermore, participants in the photography project attended the event to discuss their photographs with guests and share their stories.

The Amel and Jungleye team thank Medico International for their support with this innovative photography project, and the GFO for its funding. Finally, Amel would like to thank the brave photographers for their participation in this greatly insightful project.