Celebrating Eid el Fitr at Markaz el Arabi in Bourj El Barajneh Camp


A community event was held in Markaz el Arabi, in the Bourj El Barajneh camp. 133 children along with their parents and community members were invited to celebrate the end of the scholastic year as well as to celebrate Eid el Fitr. 
The participants were given board games to play with and then they attended a face-painting workshop and others were dancing to traditional oriental music. 
Towards the end of the event, a meal was offered to everyone, and every child was given a bag with “Kaak el Eid” (traditional sweets of Eid el Fitr) and they were so happy to be part of this event.

Annual iftar in Mashghara !

Under the reactivation of the PSS project that funded by Help age international, Amel inter. Association organized her annual iftar for almost 110 elderly people at Al Haj Mahdi Saleh Eidy – Mashgharah Center. The attendees were Lebanese and Syrian, Muslim and Christians that gave a positive atmosphere among all of them specially they did kind of Ataba together and share some old and traditions songs and sang it overall.

This iftar was an opening to announce the reactivation of the pss project for 4 months and to announce the activities as literature, sewing, gardening and psychosocial support.

The elderly were so happy and appreciated  this initiative, and they wished that  to continue in such project and activities.