Mehdi Eidi Health, Social & Development Center - Mashghara

What We Do ?

Located in the Bekaa region on the Eastern slope of Mount Niha, Mashghara village is well-known for its diverse population forming a kind of “small Lebanon” with a variety of confessional representation. The village comprises 10.000 inhabitants in winter and up to 16.000 people during week-ends and summer. Mashghara is central to many towns and villages in West Bekaa. Nearby, lie the Villages of Aitana, Ain el Tineh, Saghbine, Jeb Jennine, Qaraoun, Kherbet Kanafar and Jawzeh among others.
In the Mashgharah catchment area, there are 70,000 Syrian refugees and 56,000 host community citizens.
In 2010, Amel expanded its activities in the West Bekaa region. Thanks to the support of Mrs. Rabha Eidi and her family the center of Hajj Mehdi Saleh Eidi Centre was opened. This new facility was built to answer to the needs of the underprivileged population living in the region. The center has been / is providing the following activities

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