Amel Annual Activity Report 2010-2011


In 2010 and 2011, Amel Association International has accomplished its main objectives and was able to cope with most of the difficulties posed, in spite of a few constraints.
In fact, political, economic and social weaknesses weigh heavily on issues of population, especially health, development and child protection; taking a particular toll, as always, on the poorest and most vulnerable in society. Moreover, Amel Association International is convinced that civil society in both the north and the south have to join their hands for the sake of the humanity as a whole. That is why Amel was honored to be officially recognized as an international NGO and get a registered office in Geneva. Furthermore, we had the chance to be invited to several congresses and meetings in France, Tunisia, Turkey and Egypt where we had the opportunity to spread and share the views of Amel Association International with the world. Thanks to the skill and commitment of our staff and to the cross- fertilization between contributions from all our stakeholders, Amel Association International can aspire to fulfill its mission with precision and efficiency for the coming years.