Haret Hreik Development Center

What We Do ?

The HaretHreik area (southern suburb of Beirut) is one of the most vulnerable in Lebanon. 50,000 Syrian refugees and 50,000 Lebanese citizens live in this region. Amel has been operating a center in HaretHreik since 2009, responding to the refugee’s crisis in order to empower marginalized Lebanese and Palestinian host communities. In this context, Amel is implementing activities related to the following sectors: health, protection, education, vocational training and food security.



The center contains primary health care unit on its first floor, which provides general consultations in (General, pediatric, gynecological / obstetric, including prescription of essential medicines and vitamins, laboratory tests and ultrasounds while other needs of specialized services referred to other centers of AMEL). These services are provided in collaboration with Medico International with the support of German Ministry of Foreign Affairs (GFO).
In addition, the center organizes awareness-raising sessions (family planning, proper use of medicines, etc.) which are facilitated by medical-social assistants. This team is also in charge of identifying the needs of beneficiaries and referring them to other structures, in particular hospitals. In addition, and with the support of the Agence Française de Développement (AFD), Amel organizes exchange and discussion sessions on health and conflict management.
The unit accommodates up to 500 patients per month. More than half of them are women and children and 75% are Syrian refugees. The main diseases reported by the center are respiratory and digestive.

Protection and vocational training

Protection and vocational training activities have been implemented in the center since funded by UNHCR. Initially, the center had only refugees (mostly Iraqis and Sudanese), then, with the Syrian crisis and by 2012, the target populations were redefined to include Syrian refugees and host communities. A comprehensive program is offered by the center and includes various activities including professional training (manicure, pedicure, hairdressing, sewing, maintenance of ventilation systems, kitchen, maintenance of computer equipment, music classes, telephone maintenance, design, etc.), Computer classes, recreational sessions, a youth committee, a sports club, outings, psychological support, etc. In addition, with the support of the AFD, Amel also organizes professional training for caregivers. Every month, 2000 individuals benefit from these activities.

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