Tuesday, October 16, 2018
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Giving Hope to School Dropout Children and Youth

Arabic, English, Math, Computer, and life skills. These are the courses that girls and boys (both Syrian and Lebanese) can attend at the Amel’s...

Child Labor, Forced Marriage, Abuses: Amel Struggles For Children’s Rights

In the regions of Mount Lebanon and Bekaa, Amel Association International provides psychosocial support to children and young people in its centers and in...

Learning by playing: a school event in Hay El Sellom

Based on the concept of cultivating social values in children at an early age, and in addition to the series of awareness and protection...

Empowering Women and Youths in Lebanon Now!

Rami is very satisfied with the training he attended in El Ain Amel center over the last 18 months. He had to stop studying...

2017 First Aid in Hay el Sellom

After a two month course, 15 of our beneficiaries in Hay el Sellom Development Center - both Syrian and Lebanese - earned a First...

Graduation ceremony for the second cycle of the project “Empowering Now”

Amel celebrated the successes of participants in empowerment classes in our centers of Chiyah, El Ain, Hay el Sellom, and in Cultural and Science Foundation's...

Clowns Without Borders in Hay El Sellom Center

On October 13, Clown Without Borders met the children of Hay el Sellom Amel's Educational center, in Beirut, and they had a lot of...

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