Based on the concept of cultivating social values in children at an early age, and in addition to the series of awareness and protection activities carried out by the Child Protection Team at Amel Association International, the Trabawiyah school in the neighborhood of Hay El Sellom, Beirut, hosted a recreational activities, targeting several classes and age groups under the title “Personal and community hygiene”.

Students of Trabawiyah school, in Hay el Sellom, are painting a mural about hygiene and preservation of the environment @amel/sonia grieco

The activity included educational games and activities involving about 180 students, Lebanese and Syrians, in coordination with Amel’s team and the school administrators.

The main objective of the event was to educate children about the importance of personal hygiene, understanding basic health and hygiene  practices, and their relevant to everyday wellbeing.

Children are learning by playing the importance of environment, and how to protect it. @amel/sonia grieco

They also discussed the importance of environment, and how to protect it, especially in a country like Lebanon, which is suffering from multiple environmental crises.


A Dentist explained to how to take care of their oral hygiene. @amel/sonia grieco


In addition, a specialized Dentist from Amel team, provided a detailed explanation to the children about their teeth and how to take care of their oral hygiene, in parallel with the guidance and information provided by a nutrition expert.

A nutrition expert is explaining to the students that a healthy nutrition is a fundamental aspect of life quality. @amel/sonia grieco

The children were tested before and after the activity to measure their understanding of the information and concepts presented. Physical and Mental games were also conducted to motivate children and to help them in adopting new practices in an enjoyable way.

The largest activity was the artistic mural painted by the children on the wall of their school, inspired by the subject of Hygiene and preservation of the environment.

Children are painting a mural about hygiene and preservation of the environment @amel/sonia grieco

The topics which are regularly covered by the Child Protection Program at Amel,  include working with psychosocial support for parents and children, issues of personal hygiene, the importance of society and the environment, child rights, friendship and conflict resolution accepting others and non-discrimination.

The activities of this program are carried out in the centers of Hay El Sellom, Bajour, Al Ain, Arsal, Mashgharah, Kamed El Louz and Al Khiyam, in cooperation with international and local partners.

@amel/sonia grieco

Around 6,200 children from host communities and refugees, were engaged and benefited from this program between 2017 and 2018.