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The World Youth Skills Day: Empowering our present and future

In almost every Amel’s center, our beneficiaries, volunteers and founders will find a computer class, language one or even sewing and cooking areas. The...

Amel spearheads Erasmus+ educational seminar ‘Respect for Diversity: Everybody’s Business’ with...

In a world increasingly afflicted by intolerance, disrespect for others and blatant rejection of different ways of living and thinking, training youth on diversity...

Amel Association co-launches 1-week youth seminar: “Respect for Diversity: Everybody’s Business”

23 youths from several countries in the Middle East and Eastern Europe have travelled to Beirut to participate in the anual Erasmus+ programme, co-run...

Giving Hope to School Dropout Children and Youth

Arabic, English, Math, Computer, and life skills. These are the courses that girls and boys (both Syrian and Lebanese) can attend at the Amel’s...

Celebrating the World Population Day in our Ersal Center!

All around the world, the 11th of July is highlighted as the well-known World Population Day. On this occasion and as part of the...

Launching of the sponsorship campaign: “Ensemble! Parrainons un enfant syrien”

  Why #Nolostgeneration?  The Syrian crisis in Lebanon is above all a crisis of childhood and youth: in 2018, more than 1.2 million...

“Sawa ! Parrainons un enfant syrien”. Launching of the sponsorship campaign...

Why #Nolostgeneration?  Propulsé par HelloAsso The Syrian crisis in Lebanon is above all a crisis of childhood and youth: in 2018, more than...

Children Show in Haret Hreik, celebrating Mother’s Day

Yesterday at Haret Hreik Municipality, another great community event took place. After singing the traditional national anthem, Dr Kamel Mohanna, president of Amel gave a...

Empowering Women and Youths in Lebanon Now!

Rami is very satisfied with the training he attended in El Ain Amel center over the last 18 months. He had to stop studying...

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