On Saturday and Sundays, every week, Migrant Domestic Workers (MDWs) are welcome to visit our Bachar Mohanna and Muslim Akil Center in Chiyah to spend their spare time by joining an Empowering project that aims at strengthening their capacity to sustain a better life.

This is their day of the week, when they finally take some time for themselves.

Being a migrant is not that easy, and loneliness is always lurking. That is why attending the center is not only about joining the various classes, activities, life skill training. The center is a safe place where they simply have time to talk about anything in the world, free of commitment or responsibilities awaits them.

In this series, one MDW is giving the others, by peer-to-peer training, hair-styling skills. They meet up in a classroom that is otherwise used for English classes. They take their coats off, gather the necessary utensils, and get to it. After the concept of rolling the hair in tightly and fixing it using metal skewers has been taught, a second person’s hair is started. Following the treacherous winding and fixing of hair the first woman starts drying her hair in the center’s salon hair dryer.

While the main gain of today’s visit might seem obvious: a hair styling lesson, but it really is more than that. It is these women’s opportunity to make friends, exchange life-lessons, be served for a change, and share moments and laughter with each other.

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