Amel Social Worker at Haret Hreik development center, organized an outdoor event for the kids and youths of the center, to address social cohesion and entertainment goals.

The event was about sports Olympiads, which means that each team had the opportunity to practice different sports activities (Catch the flag, football, blind bear, fishing man…) and the most important aspect was letting the children to experience the benefits of collaboration between humans and social cohesion, through sports roles and ethics.

The social worker explained to Amel media team how Amel is working through this activities not only to allows the children to liberate their energies, but also to focus on team work, fair-play and positive competition, in collaboration with professional trainers.

The project is funded by ADRA international in HaretHreik center- mount Lebanon, aiming to protect 150 kids, which they are registered in 2017 remedial classes summer.