From May 17th to May 20th, representatives of Amel Association International and its partner organization, MCAF, participated to an event, organized by Agora Europe: the “3 days in Parma”.

This event, which included discussions and artistic performances, was an opportunity for the representatives to reiterate Amel’s support to the Charta 2020, a Manifesto identifying 20 public goods.

The Charta 2020 can be endorsed online on the following link.

During the event, Amel and MCAF contributed to an Agora on migrations and transnational paths, highlighting the need to recognize, promote and disseminate, at the European and Mediterranean levels, the migration public goods, to preserve the solidarity networks reinforced by Agora Europe and to strengthen the participation of all citizens, affected by the crisis in the Mediterranean region, including Lebanon? to the Agora Europe, to voice their vision of the future of Europe and of the region.

Agora Europe is a permanent and itinerant agora to discuss the future of Europe and the potential of each country to reshape the European political space, co-founded by Caterina di Fazio, Nadia Urbinati and Étienne Balibar.

The Charta 2020 and Agora Europe are also an essential space, for Amel and its partners, to continue their actions, supporting the Euro-Mediterranean Movement and the Manifesto of solidarity with Persons in Exile [link] initiated by Amel Association International, and launched in Rome, in June 2018.