As the tragedy sinks into the minds of the Lebanese society, Amel and it’s team are working day and night to provide the bare minimum aid to people in need.
The devastation is unprecedented and heartbreaking, yet Amel and everyone, everywhere, is doing their best to bring food, relief, and support to help clean up after the blast.
For the second week now, Amel’s Food Security Program team continues to carry out its duty towards the affected areas of Beirut. They are providing hot meals, food parcels and other basic needs for the affected families, donated by Amel friends who have demonstrated their full solidarity with our humanitarian mission. The provision of food aid will continue in coordination with local and international partners and donors, who are supporting Lebanon on all levels through this ordeal.
So far, thousands of meals have been distributed on a daily basis in several affected areas, with special attention to the health and safety standards necessary for the prevention of the Coronavirus. Some of the food donated was provided by activists and others were prepared in Amel’s solidarity kitchens based in Amel’s development centers located in Beirut and its suburbs.