Fifty migrant domestic workers along with friends and Amel staff gathered on Sunday 4th of February at the Amel Association International’s Bachar Mohanna and Muslim Akil center in Chiyah.  The day was to celebrate the graduation of the beneficiaries from their empowerment classes as part of Amel’s program for “the support of Migrant Domestic Workers and Victims of Human Trafficking”.

This program started back in 2011, funded by the Swiss Agency for Development, to alleviate exploitation, discrimination, violence, and trafficking in order to empower this marginalized category of women.

At the graduation ceremony, the ladies received certificates for their computer skills, language, and fashion classes from their dedicated teachers. The action-packed day involved a video showcasing the main events and achievements done throughout the academic year followed by a fashion show and later on a ‘at the beauty salon’ role-play, where the beneficiaries were able to comically discuss their daily challenges they face as migrant Domestic Workers in Lebanon.