The 2017 Child Protection project aimed at “Strengthening the engagement of children, families and communities affected by the Syrian crisis in Lebanon in practices protecting them” is currently being implemented in 7 Amel centers across Lebanon located in Beirut, Bekaa and Baalbeck. The project is implemented in partnership with the Belgium Embassy in 4 centers,  2 centers in Bekaa are working in partnership with UNICEF, and a new one in  Khiam center in partnership with the French Embassy”.

The project is divided into several components targeting different age groups: A psycho-social component with children aged 6-15 which aims to build their resilience and coping mechanisms towards everyday struggles. 8,100 children will benefit from PSS activities across the Amel centers in 2017.
Another component is the awareness sessions and parenting skills with men and women, which aim to raise awareness about key child protection issues such as children’s rights and how to communicate effectively with children. 6,870 men and women will benefit from Awareness sessions with Amel during the course of the year.
The core basis of this project is for the community not only to benefit from the activities, but to also be involved in the implementation of all its components in order to slowly render the whole community self-reliant, and for members to be able to advocate for child protection issues autonomously.
This is achieved through 2 main strategies: Firstly, the activities are being held directly within the community, in the Informal Tented Settlements for instance or in local development centers in order to reach the most vulnerable community members. Secondly, volunteers and committees are chosen from within the community to attend sessions under the guidance and support of Amel facilitators and animators in order to learn how to effectively implement these activities themselves with other members of the community, and become advocates of child protection issues.






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The Belgian Embassy has decided to work together with Amel, who are providing medical care, education and other services for the Syrian refugees in Lebanon.