Amel Association International conducted a community event for older people in Dar Al Ahel, a house for older people, in the area of Khiam, as part of the activities of the project “Psycho-social Support for Elderly Affected by the Syrian Crisis in Khiam Area” in partnership with Caritas Germany.

71 older persons attended the event, attendees were almost 65% Syrian and 35% Lebanese, 20% males and 80% females. Amel made the transportation available to all the beneficiaries to attend the community event’s location and back to their homes.

The event included a musical performance where a singer sang traditional songs while playing on the OUD. Later on, a discussion was held concerning generation gaps and then all the attendees gathered for lunch and later coffee in the garden.

At the end a small video was presented to the participants, summarizing the project’s activities and objectives. Finally, cooking and gardening tool-kits were distributed to all the older participants.