In commemoration of the 36th year since the Sabra and Shatila massacre, 73 delegates from various countries in Europe and Asia, along with members of the Amel team, organized a day in Khiam, South Lebanon, in order to revive the horrific memory of the massacre.
The day was considered as a significant contribution to bridge the gap between the fortunate in life and the less fortunate in terms of getting proper medical care, improving living conditions and even assisting in proper education.

The day in Khiam included 3 visits, starting with the famous Khiam Detention Center, followed by a thorough visit to Amel’s development center in Khiam and then the Wazzani informal tented settlement and finally the visit ended with a lunch by the Hasbani river.

At Amel Association International’s center in Khiam, Dr. Mohanna welcomed everyone with a speech explaining what is Amel and what are its vison and mission. He further mentioned the importance of Amel being a focal point in society and in taking humanitarian action concerning many issues such as the refugee crisis and the Palestinian’s issue. He moreover stated the need to reject the double standards between the East and the West focusing on the fair distribution of wealth, and thus establishing a state of Social Justice.
Further on, Dr. Mohanna made sure to point out the fact that Amel stood with human dignity for four decades and continues to fulfill its  mission throughout its 24 centers, 6 Mobile Medical Units, 2 Education Mobile Units and its Protection Mobile Unit for street children, led by 800 workers, mostly youth; young and experienced supporters of knowledge, tools and, of course, moral and human commitment.

Later, they visited the Wazzani informal tented settlements for the displaced Syrians, where the 73 delegates saw the families’ living conditions as well as seeing how Amel’s Mobile Medical Unit and the Education Mobile Unit work in the tented settlements.

Towards the end, the visit was concluded with a lunch at the Hasbani River, where Dr. Mohanna expressed his gratitude and acknowledgment to Mr. Kassem Ayna for always persevering as much as he can in order to revive the Palestinian cause on a global and local level. Dr. Mohanna also saluted the participating delegates for their humanitarian commitment and courage in supporting this cause and the importance of their role in preserving it to all parts of the world.

Finally, Dr. Mohanna spoke about introducing a new care center and future workshops in support of the Sabra and Shatila massacre affected families and revive them through activities and events in cooperation with local and international organizations and promised to attend several cultural events aiming at shedding the light on the massacre and the issue in general.