Amel Association International, in partnership with the Law Faculty of the La Sagesse University in Beirut and Diakonia, has the pleasure of announcing the launching of its 8th edition of the Regional Summer School on Law and Armed Conflict, that will be held in Beirut between Monday 3rd September until Friday 14th of September 2018.‬

The Regional Summer School on Law and Armed Conflict seeks to provide law graduates as well as human right defenders with the expertise and knowledge required to work and research in the legal fields that provide protection to civilians and civilian objects during armed conflicts and emergency situations, along with a deep insight of the international justice concept and mechanisms, as set by contemporary International Criminal Law. Lectures will be given by prominent experts on international law in the MENA world.

40 participants will be selected among young law graduates, lawyers, researchers and human rights defenders on the basis of merit and commitment to attend and contribute fully to the course. Priority will be given for those who are under the age of 35 and gender balance will also be taken into consideration.

To apply to the Regional Summer School, kindly fill the necessary information 

Deadline to submit applications: 1 July 2018.