Amel Association International in partnership with Un Ponte Per… and funded by the Italian Agency AICS, distributed a combined 300 stationary gift bags to children in Ain el Remmaneh Development Centre and Amel’s centre in Haret Hreik this week. This is done annually to encourage students as they prepare for their mid-term exams.

The non-formal education activities have been offering afternoon homework support to refugee children.  In Ain El Remmaneh, 70% of the children are Syrian, 20% are Iraqis and 10% are vulnerable Lebanese. Their families are mostly illiterate.

Children in Ain el Remmaneh centre hold up their new staionary bags.©Amel

During this period of time, children have been studying at Amel’s centres from 4-7pm every Monday to Thursday and have been receiving crucial homework support for their English, French, Arabic, Mathematics, History and Chemistry lessons, as well as a host of other subjects.

The bags include stationary and notebooks. ©Amel/Maurice Hage
Amel staff distribute the bags in Haret Hreik. ©Amel/Maurice Hage

The project also ran two community events in 2018. One was a series of plays and dances that focused on awareness sessions on violence, sexual harassment and early marriage. The second event revolved around the theme of Christmas, when the children were offered gifts, food, dances and music.