Amel Association International (Amel) participated to an Agora Europe entitled “The day after which took place in France, at the European Lab Camp. This  discussion was organized by Agora Europe and Are We Europe, with the contribution of various organizations, including Amel and the MCAF. 

A representative from Amel Association International was invited to join these discussions. On that occasion, she insisted on the importance of strengthening the civil society mobilization, despite the results of the European elections, particularly when it comes to promoting the values of solidarity, humanity and dignity. She also noted that in order to counter the “Europe Fortress”, discussions on migrations should be inclusive and have a Euro-Mediterranean dimension.

In the coming months, Amel will continue its contribution to Agora Europe and, in particular, to the development of joint Euro-Mediterranean actions on migrations.

Agora Europe is a permanent and itinerant agora to discuss the future of Europe and the potential of each country to reshape the European political space, co-founded by Caterina di Fazio, Nadia Urbinati and Étienne Balibar. Amel actively contributed to the development of Agora Europe and its Charta 2020, identifying 20 public goods. This Charta can be endorsed online [here]

The involvement of Amel with Agora Europe is also related to the Euro-Mediterranean Movement and Manifesto of Solidarity with Persons in Exile, launched in Rome, in June 2019.