Amel & Médecins du Monde: A longstanding partnership


The 30 years partnership between as been invested in the relevant communities to support people in need of health care, both the host and refugee communities.

A Humanitarian approach based on cooperation and solidarity brought the two teams together in times of emergency and crisis, as an example of how local and international NGOs can collaborate strongly in a fair partnership, bringing quality and efficient support to vulnerable societies.

Today, two of Amel development and primary health care centers – Kamed el Loz and El Ain– are currently operating a health project in collaboration with Médecins du Monde responding to the growing need of fragile refugee communities.

We are proud of this partnership that is dedicated to the interest of the human being in Lebanon and throughout the world. We pay tribute to all humanitarian workers in the two organizations who support people under all circumstances and do not give up on their noble mission.