Today marks the World Day Against Child Labour, one of the biggest challenges facing humanity!

There are more than 250 million child victims of Child Labour around the world, of whom 158 million are between 5 and 14 years old. In some regions of the world, child labour is at high risks, such as 60 million children in sub-Saharan Africa, with more than 77 million in South Asia. In the Middle East and North Africa, according to recent statistics, there are 13 million children in labour, including 100 thousand in Lebanon (aged between 10 and 17) according to the ministry of information, while UNICEF declares that 3 out of every 4 working or street children in Lebanon are Syrians.

Child labour leads to a loss of their chances of education and development. It threatens many human societies. It is a serious violation of child rights which is stipulated in international laws. We must all take an action against this phenomenon and work to build a fairer, more humane and safer world for these children.

You could learn more facts and figures in this [ Infographic ]