On November 16th, 2017, Collège Protestant de France (CPF) hosted its annual Solidarity and Citizenship Forum for its third edition. This Forum aims to make the students meet the Lebanese NGOs and associations (all members of the Club of solidarity of the CPF) and learn about volunteerism, community service, and solidarity. This event targeted students from Grade 6 to Grade 12.

Amel Association International had the chance to participate in this event for the third time and make the students discover the numerous and various actions of the organization. Our team provided information about Amel’s main humanitarian fields and objectives, as well as information on how these students help Amel’s actions. Some creative activities were also organized for the youngest ones, by Syrian women from Amel’s centers of Haret Hreik and Ain el Remmaneh. They explained to the children how to create bracelets and puppets.