During the first week of April, 5 members of the Amel team attended an Erasmus + project in Targoviste, Romania, Steps towards Integration, which focused on enhancing the acceptance and integration of migrants in host communities, in Lebanon, Greece, Turkey and Romania.
Amel lead the discussion on one day of the workshop, sharing their expertise in the field and discussing best practices for working with migrants. The challenges of working with migrants were analysed and solutions were proposed.

Among other activities, street tasks were conducted, in which participants had to engage with locals to gage their reaction to migrants in the area, in order to later develop their opinions on migration. Videos were then produced to express these views.

The Lebanese team also got participants up and dancing as they hosted the Lebanese cultural evening, with plenty of hummus, tabbouleh and debke! Through such an experience, personal and professional links were developed and a number of future projects in the Euro-Med region were considered. Amel will use this opportunity to further enhance its youth program and outreach active and passionate youth in Lebanon to foster attitudes of citizenship and volunteers