**Update: Given the pressing need for help resulting from the blast that rocked the city of Beirut, we are dedicating funds from this page to emergency relief efforts concentrated on those impacted by the explosion.

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Help Lebanon! Help the frontliners of Amel Association International support the most vulnerable populations from COVID-19 and socio-economic Impact.

Lebanon is a country that is going through a severe economic crisis that has grown poverty limits to reach nearly 60% of the population, a country that is witnessing record unemployment rates with over one million jobs lost so far and estimated to exceed 50% of the population by the end of 2020, a country that is seeing a devaluation of the local currency, and that is struggling with limited availability of medical equipment and supplies to respond to COVID-19: Lebanon needs Help!“ We might die from hunger before dying from corona” a mother of 4 children in the South of Lebanon is stating. “we have food for today, but we are not sure if we will survive or have a shelter tomorrow” she continues.

In the aftermath of the quarantine measures, Amel Association on the frontline in health support especially to the most vulnerable; is also working on emergency response to provide food, response to evicted families due to inability to pay rent, health response and all other measures to preserve the dignity of the most vulnerable

Lebanon is paralyzed in the face of COVID-19 pandemic and the socio-economic situation and needs help



COVID-19 is spreading and we need to act quick. Lebanon is faced with multiple challenges and Amel’s priority is take a role in the health relief for COVID-19 response and to address the socio-economic challenges. The emergency fund will enable Amel to provide urgent socio-economic and health support for the most vulnerable populations at great risk of contacting the coronavirus.

Lebanon has one of the highest refugees per capita in the world, It has presented an example of solidarity by welcoming over one and half million Syrian refugees during the last decade, on top of the existing quarter of a million Palestinian refugees. That is not all! Lebanon is also home to another quarter million female migrant workers from African and Asian nations, with a large portion of the Lebanese host community still being economically challenged. Your help is needed now, and every bit counts!

These funds will help to reach vulnerable people who do not have access to health services, basic needs and are currently going through a dramatic economic and health crisis. That includes makeshift camps based refugees, undocumented migrants, underprivileged Lebanese and other low-income populations.

Funds collected are earmarked for the COVID-19 emergency response and to address basis socio-economic needs:

– 30% will go to food and non-food items for the most vulnerable families who lost their jobs and do not have income to sustain

-20% to hygiene kits and cash for rent for evicted and stranded persons especially women head of households and victims of trafficking among Lebanese, Refugees and migrants.

40% of the amount raised will go to medical and protective equipment for both patients and staff for sustainable services, medical consultations and emergency lab tests;
– 10% for awareness raising efforts to prevent further infected cases.

With your donation, Amel will be able to:

– Buy and distribute food rations and hygiene kits for the most vulnerable families

– Cash for rent for evited persons and other support

– Buy ventilators and protective equipment for patients with COVID-19 symptoms, and procure protective equipment for Amel healthcare professionals on the front line;
– Provide regular medical consultations for patients at high risk of COVID-19 in many areas in Lebanon in the aim of identifying the first cases before the spread becomes vast;
– Raise awareness about disease prevention and sanitation (on hygiene, social distancing, modes of transmission, among others).
– Increase identification and testing of COVID-19 cases through front line health care professionals
– Buy testing equipment and carry emergency lab testing for stranded people and persons with low socio-economic status in informal camps
– Secure health care units to isolate infected individuals and provide necessary medical attention by Amel medical staff
Why Amel? 

Amel Association International is an independent nonprofit, non-confessional organization that is a Nobel Peace Prize nominee, and UNHCR Bigheart winner of 2019. Amel founded in 1979, has worked for over 40 years in commitment to crucial humanitarian causes, reaching the most vulnerable populations on the bases of Humanity, Dignity and Solidarity. Amel offers quality services in the health, psychosocial, human rights, child protection, rural development and vocation training fields. With 25 medical centers and 6 mobile clinics across Lebanon, most certified Primary Health Care centers, Amel have supported many crisis after the other, and is ready to do yet again. Services are provided equally to all. Amel has been expanding its mission globally since 2010, and has been a leading promoter and enabler of health services by catering to disadvantaged populations, irrespective of their background or belonging. For more information check Amel’s website at www.amel.org.

For the latest Amel work on COVID-19 – visit http://corona.amel.org/ 
Amel in the US
Amel Association International is also a United States exempt organization as described in Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, registered in the state of Texas under EIN# 81-3433395. Amel’s team in Lebanon is collaborating with Amel in Texas to launch this fundraising campaign through GoFundMe. Funds will be transferred from Texas to Lebanon as funds become available like we have done in previous humanitarian projects and campaigns.