Education and Child Protection

Amel Association International implements a Psycho-social support project targeting vulnerable children and their parents since 1990 in order to provide a protective environment for the future builders that will help prevent and respond to violence, abuse and exploitation.

Different activities are designed to improve the wellbeing of these children, aged between 7 and 17 years old, including: learning by playing activities, recreational sessions, awareness sessions, distribution of hygiene and baby kits, social counseling, psycho-social support and parenting skills sessions.


The Lebanese education system is particularly affected by the Syrian refugee crisis. Less than 50% of the 400,000 kids in age of being at school are actually enroll the Formal Education system. Those who managed to enroll encounter difficulties to follow the rhythm, mainly due to the important differences between Syrian and Lebanese curricula but also due to transportation, security, economic and discrimination issues.

Furthermore, access to Public Education poses particular challenges for kids living in the informal camps scattered throughout Lebanon since 2011, thus a Mobile educational Unit, will be operating soon in order to allow children living in informal camps to access Non-Formal Education.

Amel also has established in 2017 a project that improve access to education, in particular though Non-Formal and protected Education programs (homework support, remedial classes, accelerated learning programs), which are being implemented in many centers of AMEL.

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