As a pioneer NGO in the Arab world, Amel Association International believes in an innovative vision of change and a non-discriminatory approach with a strong commitment to citizenship and equal rights. Amel’s optimistic spirit is profoundly rooted in a participatory approach and a positive spirit of humanity, which is clearly defined by its watchword of “Principles defining a position that we put into practice” (3P). Amel aims to build a democratic and prosper Lebanon. A country where citizenship will become a real concept shared by all and where fundamental rights (health, education, housing, etc.) will be provided by the state. We should exit of the confessionnal system, to move towards the civil society and the citizenship in a civic and democratic state. We are defending the usefulness of reliable registration for the country’s social and economic development. We believes that the social capital and the action on the field are the engine of the social change. A Society in which all citizens should live in dignity, free to think, to believe, to circulate, and to speak up. The people should enjoy his full rights as a citizen regardless his backgroud, political choices, beliefs, or geographical origine. Amel’s vision represents a model and true catalyst for social changes on a broader level. Concerning the Humanitarian action, Amel essentially aims to promote a fairer balance between international and local NGOs working in Lebanon or other parts of the world. It aims also to strengthen fair relationships between South and North in humanitarian action and international crises response, such as the current refugee crisis. Amel is eloquently pleading for a committed humanitarian action aiming at restoring dignity for all. For Dr. Kamel Mohanna and AMEL’s team, “humanitarian action is a lifestyle and not merely a job”.


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Amel gains observer status at IOM

The International Organization for Migration's (IOM) executive council unanimously agreed Tuesday to officially grant Amel Association Internation observer status. Addressing the 108th session of the...
Bringing together 13 leading humanitarian thinkers to discuss challenges to greater humanitarian effectiveness, On the road to Istanbul, the 2015 edition of the Humanitarian Accountability Report, offers concrete solutions to many of the issues raised during the regional consultations for the World Humanitarian Summit. Dr. Jemilah Mahmood, the chief of the World Humanitarian Summit secretariat, said: “We all want to ensure...